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We don't really talk about them....WHY?

Hi everyone, this blog is continuing the conversation about I.C.E., immigration, and undocu lives.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I am here to educate those that don't know what is really going on in detention centers, what I.C.E. officials are doing, and what's happening at the border.

Today, I wanted to speak on the individuals who aren't really spoken about.

Their stories are usually not shared nor represented, and I just want to inform everyone that

  1. no human being is illegal on stolen grounds

  2. trans lives matter

  3. undocu trans lives should be taken into account/represented/ known about

These stories that I will speak about are about two articles that mention 2 trans women who were raped/ sexually assaulted at detention centers by I.C.E. officials.

Christina Madrazo, a Mexican trans woman was raped TWICE in 2000 at a dentition facility in Miami by a guard. Alisa Solomon writes, "the second assault occurred after she had already complained to authorities in the dentition center about the first rape, yet the offending officer had been assigned to guard her again."

Due to her sexuality, people in her community in MX would verbally abuse her and express transphobic violence upon her. In the detention center, she also experienced transphobia which unfortunately rape was a they express their transphobia.

Madrazo says, "I was afraid I could disappear in there...anything could happen"

After she complained about the officer, she was afraid for her life.

This is just one story that was written about. There are more that have not be written nor spoken about.

Victoria Arellano, was detained in an I.C.E. detention facility and died in custody. Victoria was HIV positive, and she was denied medical attention at the I.C.E. facility.

Karma Chavez writes, "ICE officials placed Arellano in a large men's detention cell with only a handful of other transgender or gay detainees," which shows how detention centers are heteronormative spaces where individuals from the LGBTQ community cannot express their sexuality.

Victoria was 23-years-old and was HIV-positive. She died in ICE custody after being denied medical attention.

Chaves says, "after being deemed "asymptomatic" by her doctor three years prior to detention, Arellano took antibiotics designed to prevent pulmonary infections that could lead to pneumonia. When taken into ICE custody, officials refused to give her diapason, the medicine she needed to ward off infection."

Obviously ICE officials did not care about Arellano's health.

Chavez writes a very informative and amazing article on how ICE officials do not equate themselves to the individuals that are detained, and that is one reason why they treat these individuals inhumanely. They use a "us vs. them mentality."

Chavez also writes about the gender norms and how they are so embedded into the ICE/ immigration system, which makes it difficult for trans and LGBTQ individuals to express themselves.

Another individual I wanted to mention is Roxana Hernandez.

Roxana Hernandez, died in ICE custody on May 25th, 2018 in New MX.

According to ICE reports, she died of a heart attack after having HIV related symptoms like "pneumonia and dehydration."

Other reports (Transgender Law Center) say that before Roxana's death she was physically abused - beatings.

The transgender Law Center did their own investigation and according to, Opheli Garcia Lawler, "In the letter from the Senators, they outlined that an independent investigation and autopsy from the Transgender Law Center showed that Hernádez’s death was “preventable.” Their report suggested that severe complications of dehydration on top of an HIV infection cause Hernández’s death. The report also showed that before she died, she was beaten by “a baton or similar object while she was restrained by handcuffs."

This is such important information to note, because as I mentioned above, ICE officials pride themselves in showing their transphobic masculinity towards trans women detained.

Also it is important to note that both Arellano and Hernandez's deaths were PREVENTABLE!

These are just THREE stories that have ben written about and there are so many other stories that NEED to be written about.

Please educate yourself on all these issues.



"Trans/Migrant Christina Madrazo's All American Story" Alisa Solomon

"Spatializing Gender Performativity: Ecstasy and Possibilities for LivABLE Life in the Tragic Case of Victoria-Arellano" Karma R. Chavez


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