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Ending the series and asking, what can YOU do about it?

Welcome to another blog!

I know it has been a while since I have posted a blog.

I apologize for taking so long, but as we all know, we have busy busy lives and sometimes it becomes difficult to manage all the different aspects of our lives.

I want to wrap up this blog collection about detention centers, ICE, the undocumented individuals, and the immigration system in the U.S. with a couple of recent news about what has been happening in detention centers and also in cities.

I would also like to wrap this blog series by mentioning a couple immigration organizations and what they have been doing to fight for undocumented/DACA/immigrants. I will also like to mentions what YOU can do in order to get involved.

I will start off with a timeline of the issues surrounding detention centers and migrants in the US.

The global pandemic (Nov 2019 - Present) & COVID cases in detention centers

As we all know, a global pandemic occurred and began in November 2019. It started to slowly make its way to the United States and by March 2020, many individuals were contracting COVID-19. During this time, many immigration justice organizations were calling for all individuals to be freed from detention centers, prisons, and jails.

Transfers from one detention center to another is a recurring thing and unfortunately many individuals are transferred to multiple centers across different states.

During the global pandemic, transfers were still happening. I would also like to mention that individuals being detained was also happening, therefore, many individuals were being sent to detention centers.

Dentetion centers like Adelanto Dentetion Center (California), La Palma Correctional Center, in Eloy (Arizona) , ICA-Farmville Detention Center (Virginia), and Aurora ICE Processing Center was (Colorado) have all had positive COVID-cases.

In Adelanto, about 147 detainees have tested positive in one day. In La Palma, about 400 individuals have contracted COVID. In ICA-Farmville, there were 290 individuals who tested positive for Coronavirus, and unfortunately, James Thomas Hill, a 72- year old man from Canada died in this facility. Recently, in Aurora dentition center, at least 19 detainees that reside in the same dormitory area have tested positive for COVID-19.

As of September there have been 8 deaths in detention centers from COVID-19. Rest in power to all the lives we have lost due to COVID and all the lives that were lost in detention centers.

The urgency to FREE THEM ALL

Since all detainees are risking their lives and health by being detained in these facilities where they do not care about their life, many immigration justice organizations have been fighting to free them all.

There has been a rise in protests, rallies, and vigils for individuals being detained. Many individuals have been made aware of all the horrifying things ICE and detention centers have done to individuals being detained. There has been a rise in awareness and overall frustration and anger. Due to this frustration, anger, and furiousness, there has been a movement to ABOLISH ICE and DEFUND ICE.

Current news about detention centers

There has been so much news around detention centers and ICE officials. It is devastating.

- ICE has been deporting individuals during the pandemic

- ICE has been posing at police officers and has been taken individuals into ICE detention facilities and endangering their lives and health

- ICE has been transferring individuals to different dentition centers - where they have had positive COVID cases

- ICE has been allowing the forced sterilization of detainees. ICE OBG/ YN has been taking detainees uterus's out without them knowing or informing them.

- ICE has held these individual in dangerous health conditions, allowing many individuals test positive for COVID.

- There has been deaths due to COVID outbreaks in detention facilities

- Not only has individuals died because of COVID, but they have died because of other conditions.

- Sanctuary cities have been terrorized by ICE officials, arresting “172 individuals”

Immigration Justice Organizations

Some immigration justice organizations (and social justice organizations) that have been fighting for individuals being detained are:

Instagram accounts:










As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, ICE officials, detention centers, and border patrol agents are dehumanizing, terrorizing, and mistreating human beings. They are separating families, they are physically, mentally, and emotionally abusing individuals, and abusing their "power."

You may not agree with me, but I am all for abolishing this group of people who are terrorizing, separating families, and dehumanizing individuals. They are abusive and abusers.

What can you do about this?

Check out the immigration justice organizations around your area and ask them how you can help!

SHARE AND REPOST information and news about ICE and detention centers.

Do some research, read some books, or watch documentaries on immigration, ICE, and dentition centers.

Educating yourself, before you have something negative to say.

Documentaries/Shows on detention centers/ the border 

I’m no longer here - Netflix

Stateless- Netflix 

Immigration Nation - Netflix 

Living Undocumented- Netflix 

Wetback- the undocumented documentary 

The Infiltrators 


No Justice in the Shadows Alina Das

The Undocumented Americans Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

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