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Car Luv.

Hey everyone!

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This week I wanted to make a blog post for all the carheads/ people who enjoy cars and car builds/mods.

As some of you may know, I love the car scenery. I love seeing mod cars and I also love seeing how cars can unite people. I also love seeing how these people who mod their cars have so much dedication. I really do appreciate all the different aesthetics. Everyone that i have met through the car meets/ car world are super dope!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this blog post. I will be featuring a couple people who answered my IG question “what do you love most about your car?”

If you enjoy blog posts like these, LET ME KNOW! I can definitely make more blogs like these. Also don’t forget to follow each individual on IG as I add their IG name!

I also can't wait for this to be over so we can have our car meets and car events!

“Haven’t seen another one in person and it makes nice turbo sounds”


“The memories.”


“I like how my car stands out from the crowd”


“What I love the most about my car is the wheels I have. They are definitely some OG Volk Racing wheels. They are the GTS 2-piece wheels. They are discontinued.”


“Red fucking interior”


“love my hood and headlights haha “


“I like everything about it I don’t know one thing to point out bro 😂”


“My wheels and fitment”


“The thing I love the most about it is the relationship and people it has lead me to”


“I like how it’s just different” “Like you never see anyone like work or modify a jaguar” “They’re mostly for I guess the older crowd” “So I guess in a way just being 1 of 1”


“BMW E46 M3” “Love the engine and everything but my favorite thing is the body lines and proportions. I 100% got this car because I’m obsessed with BMW 90’s and early 00’s”


“I love all the turbo noises this car makes”


"What I like most about my car is how free I feel when I drive it on the weekends. I forget about all my worries and I can just cruise with a big smile on my face"


“I love that I built it to fit my personality”


Thank you to everyone that participated!

Thank you for reading!

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