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How to be/stay productive

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe and checking up on their loved ones.

I know how insane, chaotic, & nerve-wrecking it is right now.

I know we are all experiencing different emotions/feelings.

I know how this can all feel so unreal, but it is and we have to try to stay calm and positive during this time.

Thank you to everyone that is reading this post. It really means a lot to me.

Writing blogs is my way of calming myself and I really hope everyone finds a way to calm their nerves down as well.

Today I wanted to take the time to give y'all some tips & tricks on how to have a productive stay-at-home day.

If you are working from home, social distancing yourself, or at home because school is closed here are some things you can do to get your day going/ stay on task!

(If you are going to take the weekend to just relax do it) (If you do, I suggest you start these tips&tricks Sunday night).

1. Get a good night's rest

It is so important to sleep at this moment. Sleeping allows you put aside every emotion/feeling you are experiencing. Sleeping also allows you to get rest. I suggest you sleep your full 8 hours. In order not to interrupt your sleep, don't drink too much water, juice, milk,etc. before bed.

2. Make a schedule

I love schedules because it keeps me on track!! Try making a schedule the night before and put everything you are planning to do on that schedule. I suggest you do a daily schedule as your tasks will change. If making a daily schedule is too much for you, then make a generic schedule that can be flexible. You can also put a time in your schedule where you can take 5-10mins to make a schedule for the next day. I feel like making a schedule keeps you busy and keeps you from thinking about other things.

3. Put your phone aside

I know it is difficult to put your phone aside during this time, but if you want to get the most out of your day, you'll have to sacrifice. What I suggest is letting your family and friends know that you will be off your phone for a certain amount of time, and if they have to reach you then they can call you. (So don't mute your phone if you are going to do that). I usually have my phone on DND (do not disturb), but with everything that is going on I just have it on silent and I have the LED Flash for Alerts on and Flash on Silent (for iphones). So what this means is if people txt me or call me my phone will start flashing.

Another thing I do when I know I have to get something done is I put a timer (sometimes a 45 minute timer and other times a 90 minute timer) and when the timer goes off I put a break time timer of like 5-10 minutes, which I can take a break/ look at my phone/ my texts/ go to the bathroom/ grab more water, etc. When that timer is done, I put another timer, my longer time and I repeat that process. -- 45/90 minute timer, 5-10 minute timer, 45/90 minute timer, 5-10 minute timer... until I got my work done.

4. Take breaks

As I mentioned above, I take breaks, because breaks are important. If you create a schedule, don't forget to put in your break times. If you are taking small 5-10 minute breaks put it on your schedule.

Taking breaks is a way to refresh your mind. If you are working straight 5 hours in a row, and then you take a break, then your break will be longer/ you'll start feeling perezoso (lazy).

5. Drink h20 + eat

In order for you to have a productive day, you need to keep yourself hydrated and put some food in your system.

If you are going to take a snack break/ lunch break, get out of your workspace to do so. I feel like if you are eating and working, then it takes the pleasure off of your food. You aren't cherishing and taste your food. You aren't thinking about other things or taking time off of your work.

Whenever I am home on a weekday, I love cooking my lunch. I love cutting up the red peppers, green peppers, and making a healthy lunch for myself. I feel like if I cooked this delicious food and took it back to my workspace and didn't appreciate what I just cooked, then WHY COOK SOMETHING DELICIOUS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

So, drink water as you are working, if you want to munch on some snacks while you are working that's fine. Do it!

If you have to eat your lunch while you're working, then you have to do what you have to do, but if you are able to take some time to make your lunch and sit down and enjoy it, I suggest you do.

6. Make a goals list

I feel like when you write down what your goals are for the day, then you have it in your mind and it's harder to forget about those goals.

Here's how to make a goals list:

1. write down no more than 5 goals that you have to accomplish for the day.

2. write down 1-3 important/ must be done today goals

3. write down about 2 goals that are pretty easy to get down that day (this can be folding clothes, watering all your plants, putting your clothes in the washer and dryer, organizing your desk)

4. with the more important goals, list how you can get those goals done/ what will you do in order to get these goals done / what steps do you have to take to get them done.

for example: lets say one of my top priority goals is to finish a 20 page article for class

1. I will write it down

2. I will make a timer of 45/60 minutes & a 5 minute break timer ---> write down that you will make a timer of 45/60 minutes and a 5 min break timer

3. I will re-asses how many pages I have left (if I have about 14 pages left after that first timer then I will try to just get another 8 pages done for the second timer) --> write down that you have certain pages done and create a checklist of pages done / pages that need to be done.

4. put another timer on of 60 minutes and a 5 min. break timer (see how much reading I have done, if I have 5 pages left then I will tell myself to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK)

5. If I have about 5-6 pages left, I will tell myself that after the last timer I will TREAT MA SELF. Treating yourself can be something simple like eating your favorite chips and watching a youtube video.

6. I will make another time of 45/60 min. & a 5 minute break and if I finished before the timer then I take a 10-15 minute break.

7. Set the mood

Make yourself comfortable but not too comfortable.

I love turning my candle on, putting some coffee vibe music, and putting plants on my desk when I know I have things to get done.

If you have a desk in your room, make sure to keep that desk as your workspace.

If you don't have a desk in your room and your bed is your workspace, then change it up to make it feel like a desk/workspace.

My whole 4 years of undergrad, I would head to coffee shops to works on my school assignments. I had the privilege to have a desk in my room, but I never used it. It was so hard for me to get things done at home. This semester of my Grad career, I had to stop going to coffee shops, because it's costly. Going to coffee shops almost ever day and stay for 5+ hours really makes you spend a couple bucks that you shouldn't be spending. So what I did was I changed my room around until I knew I could stay in my room for a whole day. I have a coffee machine in the kitchen and that works well for me. I feel like I'm in a coffee shop.

So set the mood. Change your room up if you are like me. Force yourself to stay at home and do some work.

Like I mentioned about, create a schedule and a goal's list.

If you are planning to follow all these tips&tricks for next week, then start your schedule and goal's as early as you can.

Also if you were like the past me that couldn't do anything school/work-related at home, then either change up your room/ office-room so it can feel a little more comfortable for you.

I hope these tips and tricks help you out!

Please stay safe & please try social distancing yourself for the sake of others (and yourself).