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I'm breaking up with you

I would love to start this post by thanking Kelly (IG) @greenbeanqueenn for this idea. I love when friends/readers of this blog give me ideas / things to write about. Thank you greenbeanqueenn, you're the best!

This post is so long overdue and I am excited to write it and give you a different perspective of what break-ups are/ who you can break-up with.

This post will be talking about BREAK-UPS.

When people think about break-ups they think about the typical boyfriend/girlfriend break-up, but I have some newsflash. I will be speaking about different types of break-ups/relationships.

There's the typical boyfriend/girlfriend break-up

There's the friendship break-up

There's family break-ups


There's the materials break-up.

Break-ups can be hard, difficult, and life changing.

A lot of people have experienced break-ups.

I have break-ups all the time, with my jobs haha.

But seriously, you can break-up with a job (aka quitting).

In life, we all have to experience a break-up.

When you feel attached to someone/ something and get use to it,

then you have to break-up with that someone/ something, it is hard.

The rhythm of your life is imbalanced when that happens.

Breaking up with a person is as hard as breaking-up with a food/place/thing you've always cherished.

A lot of people have told me that they had to break-up with their own blood/family because they were so toxic and if someone is TOXIC AF...even if it's a family member... CUT. THAT. PERSON. OUT.

We don't need toxic people surrounding us.

We don't need toxic people intoxicating our life.

I've personally had to break-up with friends because they were toxic.

It's hard, because you've been friends for a long time, and you know them

inside out,

but you see how toxic they are.

We also have to break-up with people who are negative.

At first though, you try helping them out,

You try helping them be less pessimistic,

but if you are drained and feel like your life is circled around this negative vibe

because of them...


You need more vibrance

more flowers that bloom and enrich your life.

Breaking-up with materialistic things or places is hard too.

Imagine going to a pizza place ever since you were small,

but over the years, the place isn't the same,

over the years the people change,

the service is shit,

and you don't feel happy going their anymore.

This place was once your safe haven.

Now it isn't.

Breaking-up with these places

where they carry so many memories,


Now materialistic things can be hard to because they can hold a lot of sentimental value,

but lets say this materialistic thing/ object only brings you sadness,

sometimes putting it away for good is the best thing to do.

Also another way you can break up with material things is going minimalist.

I have a tendency to buy shoes all the time,

or clothes.

if you feel like you're becoming a shopaholic,

break- the - f - up with shopping

and learn how to be a minimalist.

You see.

You can "break-up" with more than just human beings.

Breaking-up with people, things, and places is hard,

but sometimes needed.

Don't forget to do what is best for you.

Always take care of your mind, body, and soul.

If it's toxic, don't put it in your pocket. (cheesy haha).

This is all.

I hope you enjoyed the different viewpoint I laid out for all of you.

IG: @mividayourlife