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Can't get enough of...

Are their movies that you can watch a gazillion times (yes, I did say gazillion), and never get tired of. Because I can relate. There are just somethings about these movies that we can't get enough of. It may be because the message is so strong and relate-able, it may remind you of something personal, or you just enjoy it. For me, I have always enjoyed movies that bring a message about society. I believe every movie has a message (obviously) and if you don't believe that you can definitely challenge me. I'm up for a debate. Movies can be a form of representation. Movies can tell a story about a culture, society, ethnic/racial group. Movies can allow people to think, rethink, and change their mindset. That is why I enjoy watching movies that have to do with society, because it allows me to think differently. Why do you enjoy watching movies? What type of movies do you enjoy? Which are your favorite movies that you can watch millones de veces?

My favorite movies are:

Stand and Deliver : I enjoy this movie a lot because it shows inequality in the United States, racial/ethnic issues within the community and outside, how education is important, and how a teacher can make an important difference on a student's life.

Sin Nombre : This movie is somewhat nostalgic for me because it reminds me of when my father sat me down and told me his hardships as he was traveling to the United States. You see learn about La Bestia, a deadly train that migrants use as a way to come to the United States. You also learn about gang violence.

Voces Inocentes : This is a must watch movie for those that are interested in the Civil War of El Salvador that lasted 12 years. I love this movie because it allows me to see what my parent's experienced when they were living in E.S. during the Civil War. I also love it because it portrays the human life, specially the life of kids, during a civil war and how it was somewhat normalized (they had to keep going to school while the war was happening).

Boyz n the Hood : This movie is an eye opener on issues that African-Americans and Black American's have been experiencing for decades. It is set in Cali and it's just a powerful movie because it talks about violence/ gang culture, trying to succeed in life, and relationships.

Roll Bounce : I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I enjoy rollerblading so much and I love how it portrays the 70s, but it is more than a rollerblading movie. It makes me emotional because we see a single father who is trying ti support his family and how he isn't obtaining jobs because of his skin tone. It reminds me of when Hispanics were being discriminated based on their last names when they would submit their job applications/ call for job opportunities. It also shows how being hard working and dedicated can get you somewhere.

La La Land : This movie has been very controversial because Jazz was created by African-Americans not White Americans, but the protagonist is white. I enjoy this movie because it shows the after college life. You see two people who want to be someone and they are working at coffee shops/ restaurants not making enough money, but they work extremely hard throughout the years and end up being who they wanted to be. I also love musicals.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it. Amor and paz to all.