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My Artwork Progress

At first I would always self-doubt myself when it came to drawing and painting. I would belittle myself and I would always have negative comments about my own artwork. I started painting about 4 years ago and it was a way to just take some me-time.

Before I get into my focal point, I want to express how important ME TIME is for everyone. ME TIME is when you take some time out of your day or week to just do something that you enjoy/love as a way of venting, relieving stress or to change your mood.

So, I would paint during my "me-times," and painting helped me build as person, because if I wasn't feeling like my best self, then the outcome of my painting wouldn't be the best. Painting helped me earn patience and getting to know myself. Now, I know that if I am not feeling like my best self, I will not paint. Sometimes though I know that painting in your worst mood is a type of stress relieve, but personally, I love painting in a good mood. There are times when I have many things on my mind and I start painting to just focus on one thing.

But going back to how I would self-doubt myself and say any negative things about my artwork. I never took painting or drawing lessons/classes. I would always be upset at the fact that I did have that gifted talent. When I started painting, I was going through some college situations. S/o to Mason for having art days here and their because I would go to them and just start painting flowers. For some reason, flowers were my thing. I would paint flowers all the time. I guess because flowers were a representation of myself. I was slowly growing and maturing. It may also be because in my Latina culture, we uses flowers a lot in art and real life (the novela La Rosa de Guadalupe uses a rose). So I started painting flowers, then I started painting characters like Naruto or Huey Freeman. For some reason those are the two things I'm pretty good at when it comes to painting.

Flowers and anime characters.

Now, I see my paintings and I appreciate them. I don't think I'm a terrible painter anymore but I think that also had to do with my growth and changing my ideas and viewpoint. Painting helped me a lot. It helped me express myself and it also helped me get to know myself. I would spend hours in my room just trying to perfect a painting.

My point for this post is that painting for me was a main way of getting to know my true self and what I enjoy. I hope if you are somewhat dabbling with any hobbies/skills that you enjoy, that you put your effort and time into that hobby/skill. Take some me-time!

It may save you. It may help you. It may be the reason why you live for now and on, to be completely honest.

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