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Jason Saul

I sat with Jason Saul on January 19th, 2019 at a brand new Starbucks in the Chantilly Shopping Center and we spoke about his music career and personal life, but we will focus on his music career in this blog post. I hope you enjoy!

Jason Saul, a rising artist, has been making music for about two years now. Interestingly Jason Saul wanted to include his birth name to his artist name just like J. Cole and Mac Miller. At age 13, Jason was writing for himself, and at age 16 he started recording, but at age 20 he realized that he wanted to start his music career. Jason Saul is part of music group called SOE (Sound over Everything), which includes Desperry.

2. What genre would you classify your music? 

    Rap, hip-hop and melody focused – but he enjoys melodic music. He likes early 2000s r&b.

He looks up to early Drake, J. Cole, Maryland Logic, Russ, Mac Miller, and Kid Cudi.

In 2018, Jason Saul reached 337,000 streams on Spotify.  S/O to all his fans, followers, and 

               everyone that made it happen.

   You can listen to his music on Spotify and Apple Music and search up "Jason Saul" 

You can also subscribe to his youtube channel: Jason Saul 

  And lastly, follow him on Soundcloud "Jason Saul" 

      His latest music drop is Deja Vu 

(click on the pic to go to his Deja Vu music video)

     3. What is your music typically about?

Past experience


"My music is very reminiscent" 

4. Will you stay true to yourself?

“Yes, I like doing this because of the music. I want a fan base/ cult following.” 

5. what are your future goals / visions for your music? 

                                                                                 Visions for his music

 – by 2020 he wants to perform overseas starting his first solo headline show in Europe. The reason for it is because his following is mainly in Europe and he also wants to travel. 

- Another vision is incorporating Spanish and latin flavor into his music but on his own terms.

- Learning how to play the guitar

-Stay more consistent and shooting more videos.

Vision outside of music

“Outside of music, I would like to do some acting and definitely public speaking. If you have any type of platform, you should do some public speaking. I always loved animals and would love to start a rescue program for animals.”

This is the end of the interview. Thank you to all who took the time to read it and special thanks to Jason Saul for his flexibility and availability! It was such an honor and when he becomes BIG, I can say I was the first to interview him! Don’t forget to follow him on IG: @jsnsaul.