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New Year. New Goals.

Happy New Year!!!!!

I apologize for not writing a blog for the 1st of January. I was thinking about it, but first I wanted to get a glimpse of 2019. So far, so good.

How hard is it to accomplish a New Year's Resolution? Honestly, I've done many NYRs and I usually accomplish like 4 out of the 10 I list. It's hard accomplishing NYRs because we have so many things going on like college, work, volunteering, spending time with friends and family, doing our own things like going to the gym, side jobs, or other activities that we enjoy. In 2013, Forbes dropped an article saying that 8% of people achieve their New Year's Resolution. In 2013, they wrote that around 40% of American's write a NYR, which means that around 32% of the people who make them, do not accomplish them.

Why do people make NYRs?

1. Self- improvement.

We want to better ourselves. We want to be better than we were the year before.

Every year I make a New Years Resolution, but I never accomplish EVERYTHING that's on my list. The reason is because I have a lot that I want to try to accomplish in a year and I know that I am always busy with work or school, it is hard FOR ME to accomplish everything. We need to be realistic, because I can't write going to SPAIN in the summer when I know that I will be working the whole summer. I have to be realistic, short, simple, and create a reachable goal.

It's good to make a NYR list or to write up goals for the New Year because it makes you think of what you want to accomplish and once you do that, you feel amazing!

I will be writing down a couple of my goals for 2019. I want to know what everyones goals are for 2019 so please send it to me through IG or email! I will post some NEW YEAR RESOLUTION LIST/ GOALS and I will add your pic with a little info of you and I will make a blog post of everyone who wants to be on the post with their NYR!

Goals for 2019:

- drink MORE h20


- Finish my GMU online application

- read / finish a book

- self-care routine

Here is the Forbes article (2013):