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From Stress to De-Stress

Update on my life -

I graduated from Mason in May with a double bachelor's degree in Psychology and Spanish. I am grateful that I did both majors, because Psychology was always a huge interest for me since H.S. In H.S., I was also one of the top students in my spanish classes and I loved learning about latin american culture (art, literature, poetry). For the first three years of my college career I was a full time students taking 18 credits back to back and I was also working a part time job, volunteering, and babysitting. It was difficult, but extremely worth it, because I learned how to multitask and manage my time wisely. I remember my sophomore and junior yr in college were hard, I was stressin' and I was a mess! I started to get pimples and let me tell y'all, I usually don't get pimples specially how I was getting them those two years. I WAS A MESS. I would have random break downs, I was super sensitive, and I was very emotional. What I did back then was I would write down monthly goals on what to do when I was stressed. One month I would go on jogs, read books, and paint. Another month I would do some yoga, say affirmations every week, and explore. I eventually got out of that stress cycle and I was perfectly fine my senior year. My senior year, I started to focus on my interests like creating this blog and painting.

lets fast forward to after graduating --

I graduated. YAYYY.

After I graduated, I instantly got a job at a non-profit organization where I was volunteering.

The Center is run by Latinas, so s/o to all my coworkers at the Opportunity Center.

I was working/ I am working part-time and also dedicating my time to painting and blogging.

I have also been on the search for a graduate program.

Well let me tell you,

I found two.

Elliott School of International Affairs in GWU


Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies at GMU.



I only found two masters so that means (not trying to be a negative nancy but...) that I NEED to get into one of them, if not I'm screwed.

It also means that I have to work harder, because I HAVE TO GET INTO ONE OF THESE SCHOOLS or I might just be one of those students that "took a gap year," and never went back (I love school, I want to go back).

I am also stressin' because work is going so well, I am receiving new opportunities and they are starting to depend on me a lot more.

- I am also stressin' because I am working on the college applications and asking professors for letters of recommendations are always a scary thing because you may think they once loved you, but they probably didn't. I am also working on my statement of purpose and most times, I get writers block.

- I am also stressin' because these two graduate programs are the two that I REALLY want to be part of and I just want these graduate admission professors to know that I AM WORTH IT..

- I also have my personal interests and things I want to accomplish like creating fun decals, creating a mini YouTube vid of different topics, painting a lot more, being an activist, being part of the art scene in the greater Washington D.C. area, traveling, podcasting... UGH DOING SO MANY THINGS AT ONCE.

I am stressing out because I have a lot of things rummaging my mind and keeping me awake at night.

I am currently writing up my goal statements / statement of purpose for two graduate schools and I am STUCK. How do you write that you love what the schools have to offer and have searched up the classes you have to take for these programs and LOVE THEM without sounding unprofessional or having to write it professionally and academically. It's hard to get your words across sometimes, and this is that time.

I have also gotten stressed out because of work, don't get me wrong, I love what I do. I love helping others that need the help, but sometimes its stressful.

I've been stressed out lately because applying for graduate schools and trying to get a second job because of BILLS that I forget to eat or I'm just not hungry. Lately, I've been eating once a day and that isn't good.






From experience, I know it isn't good to just keep it moving when you're stress. It is good to stop and realize like "hey, I am friggin' stressed and I need to chill," because it will creep up on you randomly and you'll end up getting a panic attack or crying attack or mad attack and that isn't good. It is always good to realize and be aware of stress and stressful situations.

I have researched ways to de-stress and I want to make it where men and women and LGBTQAI can all use one or more of these tips.

How to de-stress:

1. Realize that you are stressed

Well what if you don't know you are stressed??

How do you know you are stressed?

- have you been getting pimples lately/ randomly

- have you been waking up in the night and just thinking about a deadline or things you need to get done

- have you had no appetite or just not eating as you usually do

- have you been distant lately? / spending more time alone than usual

- have you had emotional breakdowns - crying, on a screaming rampage, getting annoyed easily, etc.

- have you been getting sick? or headaches? nausea? migraines? gaining weight? dry-skin? (this may be a sign for other things, but stress can cause these symptoms)

- cognitive symptoms like: racing mind, always thinking/ not pay attention when you should be, inability to concentrate, constant worrying, anxious

- going back to old habits like smoking, biting nails, etc.

2. Once you're realized that you are stressed figure out why you're stressed / what is triggering you

for example:

- exams

- bills

-apply to graduate school (me at the moment)

- apply to jobs / job interviews

- wanting to mod your car but don't have the money

- car problems

- planning for h2oi2k19

- wanting to create a youtube channel but don't know what type of camera to get

- starting your own business

- looking for a place to live



- family

- children

-planning for future trips

3. figure out what will be your de-stress method for that specific thing that is triggering your stress

for example: if you are stressing out about work deadlines, figure out what can calm you down for that specific stressor.

Not everything helps.

For instance, when I am getting stressed about bills, painting helps me calm down. But when I am stressed about writer's block, painting doesn't help, GOING TO THE GYM DOES. Because my mind is focus on that one task which might be lifting weights, but when I am painting, I am still thinking about something in the back but my mind is preoccupied about an artistic thought and not a monetary thought. Do I explain myself?

4. Figure out what is stressing you out, it can be more than one thing and find three things that can calm you down / de-stress for each thing that is stressing you out.


Things that are stressing me out:

1. Applying to graduate school

2. Taking my interests to the next level

3. Bills

De-stress options for #1:

- coffee


- Exploring / going out

- working and going to work LOOKING GOOD, because when you LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD.

De-stress options for #2:


- thrifting

- car meets

- gym (lol)

- dancing

De-stress options for #3:


- sit down and write down all the bills I have to pay and figure out how much money I have left on savings/spending

- doing hustle small jobs like poshmark, etsy, babysitting, working on cars, etc.

You might have more de-stressers than others which is okay! You will later find other de-stressers for each stressful situation/ thing that is making you stressed out.

I hope this helps you out as it has helped me out. Being able to write this down and being vulnerable/ sharing my thoughts and ideas has helped me release some stress.

I hope you are healthy: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Fyi, if you want more de-stress / self-care tips or routines you can definitely find them on Pinterest or Youtube