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I've been listening to some podcasts for about a year now.

Whenever I'm getting ready for work, I want to get informed, I want to de-stress, or I'm just feeling the podcast vibes.

I've been using two apps (free):

1. the Apple Podcast app

2. NPR One

Some of the podcasts I've been listening to on Apple Podcast are:

- Café con chisme

- Cafecito Chat

- Criminal

- Latinos Who Lunch

- Millennial

- Modern Love

- Morado Lens Podcast

- Otherhood

- Radio Menea

- Second Life

- Slef Service with Jerico Mandybur

- Small Doses with Amanda Seales

- Still Processing

- Strong Opinions Lososely Held

- TedTalks Art

- The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Ears Edition

- Tittie Talk Pod

- Unladylike

- TedTalk Daily

Other podcast I´ve been listening to on NPR One are:

- Latino USA

- Codeswitch

- Radio Ambulante

- Tiny Desk Concerts

- RadioLab

- Rough Translation

- Invisibilia

- Curious City

- Cults

- Retropod

- Out of the Blocks

- American Suburb

- There Goes the Neighborhood

- TedTalk

These podcasts help me understand myself a little bit better, my culture, my society, what is happening in the US and Latin America, the problem of gentrification, how to improve your mental health, and other topics of my interest. I know that Apple Podcast has many other podcast that people might enjoy for example The Joe Rogan Experience is one that many guys I know listen to.

I have actually been interesada in creating my own podcast, but at the moment, I don't know what I would talk about, because I have so many different genres/ topics that I am interested in. Maybe a mish-mash of topics?

Please let me know what you guys think!!!!

I would love to create one in 2019 <3