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Why do you like coffee so much?

Everyone that knows me knows me, KNOWS that I LOVE COFFEE.

Coffee for me is life, I have to have it everyday. (not an addict, I promise)

I love the smell of coffee brewing.

I love how you can see the smoke coming out of the mug.

I love how warm or hot it feels as I grab the mug

I love how warm it tastes on my tongue, especially on a cold fall/winter day.

Most important, I love the meaning of coffee to me.

Coffee means more than just a hot drink.

It's this delicious caliente drink that is offered at your abuelos, your tias, your tios house.

It is more than just a drink.

Every time I go to my families house, the first thing they ask me or the first thing I ask them is if I/they want a cup of coffee.

That is their way of saying mi casa, es tú casa. That is my way of saying, welcome to your home as well.

It's a small gesture of love I have for them and they have more me.

After they brew the coffee, they ask how much sugar and cream.

They take care of you in their house and it starts with a cup of coffee.

I love coffee because it reminds me of that feeling.

The feeling of togetherness as we sip on our cafe and chismear (gossip).

As we sip on our coffee and enjoy each other's company.

Cafe reminds me of family love, y por eso is why I love it so much. (Plus it's tasty.)

Because it means love/family.

On a bad day I know I can have a cup of coffee and feel a thousand times better, because the warmth that it brings reminds me of the love that I receive from my family.

I mean think about it, in movies, when people have gone through the shits and go over their friends/ families house what is the first thing they ask? "DO YOU WANT A CUP OF COFFEE?"

Coffee is more than a drink.