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Kevin was raised in Woodbridge, and he went to Hylton H.S. and this past May, Kevin graduated with a B.S. in Business and a concentration in Management. He is currently a full-time artist and is enjoying the life! I met up with Kevin at Jirani Coffeehouse in Old Town Manassas (s/o to Jirani, love that place). We met up on a Thursday when they have “Open Mic Night with a Cause,” and I think everyone should get hip to their open mic nights. Pretty dope place and good vibes.

First, I would love to thank Kevin for taking the time to meet up with me, he is such a busy person with a busy schedule and I am thankful (af) that he was able to speak to me about himself and his art. Here are some questions I asked him:

1. What is your artistic name?

kevinskiiiwalker, with 3 I’s (pronounced sky not ski).

Kevin artistic name was influenced by Kendrick Lamar’s album, Section.80 and specifically his song HiiiPower, because the three I’s stand for Heart, Honor, and Respect.

2. How did you find out you were interested in creating art pieces?

In 2014, the day after he quit his retail job he decided to go to Walmart and he bought canvas, paint, and brushes. The two paintings that he first did and worked on were Jack Skellington and Deadpool.

Interestingly, before these two paintings that he did, he didn’t pursue art, nor did he know he had this hidden talent.

3. What type of artwork do you do?

Pop Culture – comics, cartoons, movie characters with his own style, he blends abstract and street art graffiti.


4. How did you know that this type of artwork was for you?

Something that Kevin likes, especially Dragon Ball-Z, he says Dragon Ball-Z was like a religion to him.

Also, he said, when he does landscaping paintings or other types he gets bored, but with pop culture painting, he enjoys and loves it.

5. How many comic-con's have you attended?

- He started going to comic-con’s December 2015 and since then he has gone to 25!!! Just this year he has gone to around 10 (s.o to Kevin for making moves #makingmoves2k18).

6. Have you failed? have you learned from failing?

- Not necessarily a failing moment, but more of a learning lesson. Kevin and his friend hit a comic-con in Pittsburgh and at first it was the farthest comic-con he has done and secondly, he drove. He only went for one reason, and it was to meet Jon Bernthal “The Punisher.” Unfortunately, John cancelled last minute, and Kevin still had to attend the comic-con. He lost money since many customers did not show up, but he was still able to make a vacation out of it. He learned from this experience and now is more selective and researching comic-cons.

7. What are your future goals/visions for you and your artwork?

  • His ultimate goal is to become an elementary or middle school art teacher.

  • He is working on incorporating his artwork on t-shirts.

  • Possibly creating his own character but at the moment he is racking up his own ideas and figuring out if he is going to make it a cartoon or comic character.

8. Tell me about yourself?

- He describes himself as a lone wolf, because he is very to himself. He is very lowkey but also very social. He loves starting up conversations and he is a humorist.

- He loves wearing black, one of his artistic names is also BlackHoodieArt.

9. Where can we find you?

insta: @kevinskiiiwalker

etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackHoodieArt

fb? https://www.facebook.com/BlackHoodieArt/

twitter? @twitter.com/kevnskiiiwalker

10. Next events to look out for??

Richmond VA Comic-con that was this past weekend, 10/26.

In DC, The Pancakes and Booze event from 7-1am in around 2 weeks.

In December an Art show at Freedom H.S.

That is it! Thanks to my loyal readers, greatly appreciate y'all. & thanks again to Kevin for taking the time to get interviewed by me :) Hope everyone enjoys!