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Hispanic Heritage Month

Lets take a moment think what Hispanic Heritage Month means?

Why is HHM from September 15th- October 15th?

Why does it start in September.

Well if you do not know the answer, let me inform you.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a period where Latinos and Hispanics are acknowledged in the United States.

It starts September 15th because that is when five Central-American countries declared independence from Spain in 1821: El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

September 16th is when Mexico celebrates their independence.

September 18th is when Chile celebrates their independence,

and September 21st is when Belize celebrates their independence.

In 1988, September 13th Ronald Reagan announced September 15th-October 15th Hispanic Heritage Month.

Now, what does it mean to be (a) Latino/Hispanic?

That is a hard question to answer.

Part of me says that the U.S. categorized us into these groups and I hate being labeled, another part of me wants to shout out happily that I am a latina. If the U.S. is going to put a label on me, allow me to transform it into a positive thing.

Now here are some question to think about:

Can you be Hispanic and not speak Spanish?

Are you Latino if you do not like the food?

Are you Hispanic if you do not listen to the music?

Are you considered Hispanic if you are not *into* the culture.

Personally, I do not think we should judge because their are a lot of people who have their reasons on why they do not express their Hispanic/Latino identity.

But us Latinos should help these other Latinos that have not dived into the culture and open their eyes to the beauty. We should also educate human beings from other cultures/race. Its a beautiful thing to learn from one another.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month to all my Latinos/Hispanics <3

Shout out to all the immigrant families that came to this country for a better life.

Shout out to the Latino families that are extremely hardworking.