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22 who can't speak for themselves anymore.

Lets not forget these names.

Marco Antonio Muñoz

JeanCarlo Jimenez Joseph

Osmar Epifanio Gonzalez-Gadba

Moises Tino Lopez

Roxana Hernandez

Ronald Cruz

Efrain De La Rosa

Augustina Ramirez-Arreola

Luis Ramirez Marcano

Yulio Castro-Garrido

Felipe Almazan-Ruiz

Osvadis Montesino-Cabrera

Carlos Mejia-Bonilla

Vicente Caceres-Maradiaga

Sergio Alonso Lopez

Raquel Calderon de Hidalgo


Wenceslau Esmerio Campos

Juan Luis Boch-Paniagua

Jose Leonardo Lemus Rajo

Rafael Barcenas-Padilla

Saul Enrique Banegas-Guzman

Jose Manuel Azurida-Hernandez

you all did not deserve to die.

The only error you committed was thinking the United States would change your life for the better.

All these human beings died in the hands of Immigration Customs Enforcement aka ICE, Jails, and Detention Centers.

According to the government, 163 people have died in custody of ICE agency since 2003- and I'm more than certain that the numbers have skyrocketed since the separation of families that occurred in 2018 by the Trump Admin.

I've only named 22 out of the estimated 163+ human beings that have passed away.

22 names,

22 stories,

22 families weeping,

22 people who thought that maybe, just maybe, the American Dream would be attainable and realistic to them.

22 human beings who passed away

22 dreams...shattered...terminated..22 dreams that ended.

22 souls gone.

Tino Lopez (all the way to the left)

Marco Antonio Muñoz

JeanCarlo Jimenez Joseph

Roxana Lopez

Rest in Peace.

Rest in Paradise.

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