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Rip X. Rip Jr. Keep Families Together.

I know I've been super M.I.A. and I truly sorry.

Sometimes as a writer you get stuck.

I get stuck all the time. My plans was writing two post a month, but I've barely written one post a month.

I don't want to get all sappy and blue on y'all, but last month was a pretty sad month for me. One of my favorite versatile rappers passed away, Xxxtentacion, and then a 15-yr-old latino boy, Lesandro Guzman-Feliz was brutally murdered. What has me extremely agitated is that in both killings, the people around did not help and some RECORDED this tragedy happening. WHO DOES THAT?? I'm intensely mad at the world for that. I would give my life to help another person who is at the brink of life or death.

Also can we talk about the innocent children that were living in CAGES?? When I saw those pictures, I was disgusted at the United States of America, I was disgusted at Trump and the Trump Administration. How are you about to rip a child off their parents? These kids are innocent. This affects them mentally, psychologically, physically, and emotionally. The United States has done so much harm to PoC. Why do the hate us so much? Quiero saber why every time they someone like me they make faces, they start getting agitated, they move away, they put their windows up when I'm blasting Bad Bunny or Romeo Santos. Porque? What are you afraid of?

But anywho, I am mad. Mad that PoC have had to go through so much for hundreds of years. I wish they could put themselves in our shoes.

Rip X.

Rip Junior.

Prayers to the children. Keep Families Together.