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Help me, Help others.

I have two plans that I want to execute soon, and for that I will need your help. Tú ayuda.

As a little girl, I would travel to El Salvador every two years, and I was fortunate enough to be an "in-and-out," student in one elementary school in E.S. I remember taking notes in Spanish about ciencia and matemáticas, but I also remember the joy I would have when I would help my step-abuela in her Kindergarten class. In order to grab the students attention and be able to get them to learn before all the thousands of recess breaks they would get, I would speak in English. La clase se silenciaba y me recuerdo ver cien mil ojitos hacia m'i. A long term goal that I created years ago was to start my own elementary escuela in El Salvador, because as I go back in time I can picture how these students did not have all the resources (teachers, sport equipment, school materials, etc.) that I had/have in los Estados Unidos. También me puedo recapitular how I would feel after helping these students learn. I would mentally and emotionally feel good. My heart would be heavy in a good way, it was filled with excitement, joy, passion, love, and happiness.

It has been 9 years that I last traveled to E.S. The last time I went was the last time I got to say goodbye to my abuelito, and he passed away in 2013. I want to go back and give myself to the students who need me and I would love to go and see my abuelos grave and casita. I'm planning to go by this upcoming December but who knows if it will happen. As of right now, what I want to do is raise money for una escuela down in Sensuntepeque, Cabañas. This elementary school is where my dad went and the same escuela that I would help my step-abuela. It's called, Centro Escolar Antonia Velasco.

(picture of the school patio)

I would like to raise money so the students can have school materials and equipment to play with. I'm not asking for much, but the more the merrier. I would like to start by raising about $500 dollars and hopefully I can raise more than that. The students that go to this school play with old raggidy balls and they also don't have a variety of equipment. I don't think they've ever heard of chalk or jump-ropes. If anyone would like to donate sport equipment or school materials, I would be glad to take them! I'm planning on going to E.S. in December but if I don't make it, my parents can be glad to take everything with them. Helping others has always been one thing I keep in my life. I always love to volunteer. Please help me, help these children. I want them to know that their are people in this world that believe in them (academically) and that are here to help them.

My second plan is something I want to do when I get older and when I am financially stable. I would love to create a school in E.S. or if there's a school that's in the midst of closing down, I would love to bring it back to life. We, in the United States, take public schools and education for granted. These students go through a lot at home and in their vecindarios (neighborhoods). There's a lot of violence and crime that is circling around their life and the only great thing that they look forwards to is going to school and hanging out with their friends. I want these students to have a safe place AND safe space. I've been thinking about this plan for about 7 years and it would be unreal, mythical, and flabbergasting if I made this goal realistic. Of course I will need help from EVERYONE. TODOS. I will be needing a great team in order to make this happen. If you love the movement/idea, ride with me, ride the wave. Feel the vibe.