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be. you.

I wanted to discuss in further detail about a tweet I posted recently. I'm going to copy the tweet so y'all know what I'm specifically talking about. It's actually a two-part tweet.

"listen, if you have to change or tweak yourself to please others, LEAVE THEM. don’t change for people. be yourself & if they don’t like YOU and all of you, they don’t deserve to be in your presence. They don’t deserve your time & energy. They need to go. Don’t change yourself.

& im talking in general. With work, friends, relationships, situationships, interactionships...all of it. be you / yourself. If they want you to change, they don’t appreciate you."

So lets get into it.

You are exclusive, one of a kind, and unico. Everyone has one thing that makes them different/rare/exceptional. It always takes people some time to warm up to others and show them somewhat of their true self. I feel like when people say "you know me," they aren't being truthful because no one, not even yourself knows you. You are a changing person. I describe myself as a plant, because like plant that needs to be watered everyday you don't actually see the change everyday you kind of see it monthly and by the end of the year you have a blossomed flower. Going back to yourself. Everyone changes and you may not know that you are changing because it might be something minuscule but you are and that just goes to show you that you don't even know you until you later put two and two together and you're like "wow...I actually don't like cranberries anymore and I guess it's been for like half a year that I just haven't been craving cranberries."

Okay so now that we understand that you don't know you, lets talk about people surrounding you.

Do you think your parents know you? Like do they truly know you, know everything about you, your downsfalls/heartbreaks/depressive moments in life/ ect? Becaue I know that my parents know what I want them to know. And these are my parents. mis padres. Now, people around you/ that you talk to, do they truly know you....??

If you don't know you and your parents/family don't know you (and your deepest darkest secrets), what makes you or these other people think that they know you. THEY DON'T.

Now going back to my tweet, I know a lot of people who change themselves for others. It might be in friendships, relationships or at work. Why are you changing yourself for someone that doesn't even know you? Why are you tweaking yourself, taking something out just so they can be happy with what THEY see. They are selfish and that's not okay. They obviously don't appreciate you, because they want you to change. Do you know how long it has taken you to become who you are? It has taken all the downsfalls and happy moments in your life to be who you are at this moment and for someone to try to change you, it's insulting.


BE YOU. BE YOURSELF. BE TU. and leave those who don't appreciate you.