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For our future. Para mi cultura.

40-Funk Clothing is a street-wear clothing brand. The vintage t-shirts feature iconic musicians whom are well known in the music industry and the history of music. The owner, Daniel Sorto first introduced 40-Funk Clothing in 2015. His partners are his brother, Oscar the brand marketer and Steven the brand and creative director. Oscar's roll is to market the 40-Funk clothing to famous people (like fatboy_sse) and to deal with shipping the clothes. Steven helps improve in sells. He finds trends and helps create some of the dopeness that 40-Funk drops.

I got the chance to sit down with Daniel Sorto at Moms and Pops in Merrifield and I was able to ask him a couple questions.

1. Why did you name your clothing brand 40-Funk?

"It was actually 40-F, which stands for "For Our Future," We added 40 Funk because of a theme song that we had for the summer. We get drunk and party hard.”

2. What are your vision for 40-Funk?

“ My vision is to take over my City and be the best brand in the whole DMV. While doing that I hope to change people's lives and motivate them to go chase their dreams like I am.”

3. How did 40-Funk come to life?

“I saw Kanye West wearing a bleach type t-shirt in "THat Part" video. I thought it was hot, so my best friend and I went to Walmart bought bleach and a whole bunch of graphic tees for like 5-7$ and bleached them all with tie dye techniques and we made fire. From there that’s where we decided we can sell all these tees for the low.”

4. Tell me why you think you are different from every other clothing line/brand.

“ We are free spirits at 40 funk! We do what we want. We drop what we want. We don’t care what negative shit people have to say! That helps us be different and it also helps us stay true to ourselves”

5. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who or what is your motivation to keep on going with 40-Funk?

“My family and everyone that has invested in me, not money wise, but like people who believe in me, my partners. my city, my home! People can rap about DMV this and that, but this is home to me. I wanna put it on the map. I want more creativity coming out of this area.”

6. As a Latin@, and specifically, Salvadoran-American, how do you integrate your ethnicity/ (bi)culture/ bilingualism into your work?

“Well for one is you...... Because I'm constantly using my people, my raza for photo shoots, and my people of color!! I want to show my culture through photoshoots. I eventually will show my culture through clothing as well. I want people to be aware that Latinos run 40-F.

7. You are not the "typical looking Hispanic/Latino," how has that helped you or hinder you?

"this is a hilarious question, but it does not affect me at all or even helps. The people that know me know where I’m from and know how I rep my raza. Or you got those people who think I’m white washed Latino Like nahhh b come test me. I grew up real truco, my parents barley speak English. I still have to read their mail and translate it for them."

I 8. What are your future vision for 40-Funk? What type of other clothing will you add (hats, scarves, gloves, socks? or a different style)

"We coming strong! We are coming with hats, beanies, sweat suits, track suits, hoodies, and jackets! The future is bright for us and it’s all about executing now!!"

Please shop at their website for the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection: https://www.40funk.com/

40- Funk Instagram: @40funkdmv

40- Funk's Twitter: 40_Funkclothing

Also, thank you to the models of 40-Funk Clothing. EVERYONE is amazing and unique! Love all of your styles.

BIG shoutout to Kobe Boateng for being the FW 2017 Collection Photographer.

Daniel Sort on the left. Jackey Mendez (me) on the right.