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My frustration por la división

I'm frustrated with the United States,

I'm frustrated with Pres. Trump.

I'm frustrated with this division that we, the american society have created.

We are divided more than ever today, and that frustrates me.

It's deeper than the racism (between whites and blacks)

and a division that includes genders, LGBTQ's, and all ethnicity's/races, "documented"/"undocumented", "educated"/"uneducated," the "rich," and the "poor."

There's division between everyone.

I don't understand why unity is so hard to achieve?

Can we all just take a moment and realize that we ALL are human fucking beings. We all are made of flesh and bones.

As a Latina, I know there are people who "hate" without taking the time to know me. What they see is my skin complexion. my dark eyes, my dark hair, my facial structure, basically my exterior appearance. They don't see me. My heart, soul, and mind. They're so quick to judge, and I know we all judge. I know when we see someone we try to figure out "where they're from or what ethnicity they are." We aren't just where we came or ancestors came from. We are more than that. America is made up of mix cultures. America is not pure at all. The land before it was called America was pure, and the indigenous human beings are/were the only pure one's. Lets get that straight.

America = a name that was made up by the conquistadores/colonizadores.

United States of America = made up of immigrants/ the first immigrants were the Europeans (Cristobal Colon). They were immigrants ok. They brought all their other immigrant friends over and decided to take over a land that was already occupied by the "indigenous" human beings and decided to make it their land (which was not their land/ not their right to do so). From 1492-now these pendejos think that they are superior. This superiority caused (and is still causing) massacres, rape, deaths, martyrs, segregation, inequality, racism, discrimination, protests, wars, and division.

The land in which was named "America" = a land that was first lived on by "indigenous" people.

- lets take that in and realize that we are all immigrants (except if you are indigenous). There's no reason to act like you are superior than me and there is no reason for me to feel inferior.

- Lets start accepting that and lets start appreciating the fact that we are so rich in cultures. Lets start appreciating the diversity in America.