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Know. You.

Get to know yourself.

Like ALL of you.

Get to know what ticks you off, your pet peeves, your favorite type of ice cream, favorite type of Vietnamese food, favorite type of socks, favorite type of comb, EVERYTHING about you. Like if you like to mix your shampoos and conditioners up. If you like tennis shoes or slippers more. If you hate the sound of birds in the morning. If you prefer a lot of ice in your drinks or not.

I'm saying get to know todo about you.

Get to know the good and the bad.

The more you get to know yourself,

the more confident and secure you are in yourself.

When you get to know youself,

you'll get to know what you want

and what you don't want.

Getting to know yourself will help you get rid of the things that will waste your time.

Instead of wasting your time in getting to know someone else, why don't you take that time and get to know yourself?

Nobody will have your back like yourself.

Nobody will care for you like you care for yourself.

Nobody will know you like you know yourself,

so please take the time to know yourself in order to love yourself and when you're loving yourself you can finally go and learn/know someone else and love them like you love yourself.

I want you to get to know someone new about yourself EVERDAY/ todos los dias.

I want you to be like "oh wow, I didn't know that I liked/disliked/hated/loved........."

Getting to know the unknown is surreal.


you learn something new right?

Why don't you learn something new about yourself?

Do it.

You will learn so much...about yourself <3