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Sin papá, sin mamá.

It happened so quick.

There were these banging on the door

Not like someone was knocking on the door or banging on the door with their hands, but banging from something much stronger, something more powerful.

One bang after the other, it seemed as if it did not stop.

I could hear the doorbell hitting against the door.

The metal-ness of the doorbell made the sound of the banging much louder and more exaggerating.

I remember my father grabbing me and taking me to the bathroom.

I was hiding in the bath tub.

I remember the lights were off in the bathroom.

The curtains from the bathtub were still rattling.

Tears and fear.

I was confused. I didn't know who was at the door.

I did not know why they were at the door.

Who were they looking for, I thought.

I was telling myself that it was just a mistake, that they probably met to knock down another persons door down.

But then, I heard them. I heard them looking for someone.

They were calling out his name.

My fathers name.

But why?

My dad was the nicest and sweetest person out there.

He helped everyone and anyone.

Every morning he would buy homeless man a cup of café,

and every month he would send money to his family members that lived on the other side of the country.

They got him.

And all I could do is watch.

Don't take him, I yelled. I screamed. I cried.

Don't take my dad.

Please papi, stay.

Stay for me.

Que voy a hacer sin ti... papá.

Mama, que hizo para comer, I screamed as I walked inside.

I noticed the door was semi open.

My mother never liked the door being open.

I was not too concerned though.

I walked in,

Ma', I screamed.

Mami? You there?

I saw that the cafetera was still on,

my mothers telefono was on the table.

There seemed to be some sort of relajo.

The spatula was on the floor,

The dishwasher was still open,

and the food was on the counter,

the chicken was out and seemed as if my mom was going to season it con goya.

I went upstairs and did not find her.

I went to the living room and could not find her.

I went back to the kitchen and sat down.

I sat and sat.

I knew what happened, but I did not what to admit it.

I started saying out loud that maybe she went to the store to buy some peppers or tomatos.

I looked in the frig but there they were, the peppers and tomatos.

I then thought that maybe she went to the store to buy some arroz, but there they were in the cabinet.

I started to panic.

I started to cry.

What will I do without my mami?

How will I survive in this country, alone.

My mami was all I had.

Mis tias y tios were far far away.

We were alone,

and now,

I am alone.