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Look inwards for love.

love of self.

you belong to you

sometimes your soul mate

is yourself

and everything

you've bee searching for

can be found

deep within your own soul

- r.h. Sin

I remember how being in love with another person was over-glorified in teen shows and movies. You were brainwashed to go to high school and find your high school romance or your high school lover. As a girl, I wanted that. I wanted that high school romance, like who wouldn't? Homecoming and Prom were also part of that fantasy or idea.

What I'm trying to get at is that we were fed these lies, (well most of us). We started dreaming and fantasizing about this love. We went into high school wanting and looking for this love. We hoped to find this love, but what is it that we found? Most of us found that it was a lie. So we started thinking that the high school love was a lie, but not that loving another person was a lie or fantasy. We went into college looking for this love, we went to find love.

That's the problem.

We were looking for love in someone else. Not ourselves because we were fed these lies that we can find love in others. We always thought that love came from other people, like our families and friends. But we can love ourselves and that is what these shows and movies did not teach us. We can find love within. In order to love another person, one has to respect and know one self. And self-love is just that, respecting oneself (self-respect) and truly knowing oneself. Knowing everything about yourself; flaws and imperfections. I now know that loving myself is perfectly okay and essential. Embrace self-love and get to know yourself.

Get to know every small detail of yourself.

"I am mine.

Before I am anyone else's."

- in