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Poets words flow like el río.

Poetry in general is beautiful. Poets are geniuses.

Most poems are short with different forms.

I am at awe when I see short poems that have such deep meanings.

Latin American/ Spaniard poets are crafty, enlightening, and idiosyncratic.

I will introduce some Latin American/ Spaniard poets:

Miguel Hernández

César Vallejo

Pablo Neruda

"I call myself clay though Miguel is my name"

- Miguel Hernández

My heart can´t go any longer,

putting up with its love-mad and murky storm,

and it raises to my tongue the blood-filled

noisy thing that weighs it down.

Now my tongue, slow and long, is a heart,

and my heart is a tongue, long and slow...

You want to count up the pain_ Go out and count

the sweet grains of the bitter sand.

My heart cant stand this sadness anymore:

it flies in my blood, along with the floating

ghost of a drowned man, and goes down all alone.

And yesterday, you wrote from your heart

that you have a touch of homesickness-

half for my body, half the grave.

- Miguel Hernández

(translated by Timothy Baland)

"I was born on a day

that God was sick."

- César Vallejo

"And dont bother telling me anything,

that a man can kill perfectly,

because a man,

sweating ink, does what he can, dont bother telling me..."

- Cesár Vallejo

(Transalte by Robert Bly)

"This afternoonn it rains as never before; and I

dont feel like staying alive, heart."

- Cesár Vallejo

A 16-year-old girl who's standing

A 16-year-old girl

who's standing

on the corner of Grand and Miracle Streets

at II in the evening

in a tired little dress

A 16-year-old girl

whos standing like an i

under an arcade

Shes not waiting for a bus

shes not waiting for anyone

its just that at her house

her hungry mother is about die

shed rather be standing there

at II in the evening

in the cold under the Grand Street


- Cesár Vallejo

"Let us uncork all our bottled up happiness."

- Pablo Neruda

The Birth

And that's where I'm from, that

Parral of the trembling earth,

a land laden with grapes

which came to life

out of my dead mother.

- Pablo Neruda

(Translated by Alastair Reid)


"Poetry is a deep inner calling in man- from it came liturgy, the psalms, and also the content of religions. The poet confronted natures phenomena and in the early ages called himself a priest, to safeguard his vocation... Today's social poet is still a member of the earliest order of priests. In the old days he made his pact with the darkness, and how he must interpret the light."

- Pablo Neruda