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Selfless thinking

Whenever you feel as if you want to give up on your dreams, goals, and aspirations take a moment and think.

Think about why you even have that goal in the first place,

Think about what the accomplishment at the end will be,

Think about who you are doing it for,

are you doing it for yourself?

are you doing it for your loved ones?

the people you call family?

your kids? siblings?

people who aren't blood but are family?

Be the person who did not give up,

the person who had the cojones to keep going,

the person who people look up to because as much of a struggle that it was to strive, you were strong enough to go on.

You have the will power,

and not everyone has that.

Not everyone can keeping going,

and that is what makes you... YOU.

That is what shapes your identity. That is what defines you.

Start thinking of who you impact

Start thinking of who looks up to you

and think about how you can change their lives,

for the better.

Stop thinking selfish and start thinking selfless.